Four Scenarios was a residency project in collaboration with 4 video artists. For this new work, Pavilion constructed a series of ‘Auditoria Props’ which address the notions of Screen as Object and Cinema as Event. These props included elements of screens, partitions, lighting shades, canopies, seats and platforms. We were in Bermondsey Project Space for the period of a month. During this time, we invited four video and performance artists to work alongside us to manipulate these props using footage brought by the artists, as well as new footage generated in the space.
The artists work was treated as material to be stretched and reframed using the structures as performative devices. These physical conversations were extensively documented using video and then edited into a series of new films. The work was shown in an exhibition that transformed the space into an installation of multiple projections amongst re-configurations of the Auditoria Props.
The work addresses the performance of production as well as that of display. We see this as an experimental work that initiates a continuing project that will explore differing visions for the future spatial context for Artist Film.
Films made during the residency of the collaboration can be seen below.

Josephine Callaghan Scenario 1

Charlie Yetton Scenario 2

Jane Fawcett Scenario 3

Richard Hards Scenario 4

Four Scenarios (work in progress)

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.