Oct 2010

Illumination Project 1 begins the investigation into a series of objects that perform as gallery furniture.
These ‘Open Objects‘ interrupt the spectator inside the exhibiting space and introduce a new framework inside the gallery walls. This new spatial frame of the gallery immediately establishes complex exchanges between the spectator, the artwork, and the open objects themselves.

Pavilion was invited to curate a 'show within a show' for the exhibition 'Rhizomatic'. Pavilion proposed Illumination Project 1, a multi-hinged light with 23 fluorescent lights. Pavilion invited 6 artists to show alongside the work in an industrial warehouse in Southall.
Illumination Project 1 positions itself between definition. It both lights and partitions the work around it.
The object acts as a sculptural display device, both in conflict and coalition with the works around it.

Invited Artists:
Stefania Batoeva
Alex Chalmers
Mary Hurrell
Stephen Lewis
Matt Mcquillan
Nicholas Mortimer

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.