MARINE STUDIOS Margate        March 2011

Pavilion devised the show Open Objects as part of their investigation into performative gallery furniture.
These OBJECTS : part-sculpture, part-furniture interrupt the viewer in the exhibiting space to introduce a new framework for observation and interaction

Art works can be moved freely between surfaces, and are activated by the viewer.

Pavilion collaborated with artists through commission, and appropriation where 'disenfranchised' artworks or by-products of studio practice were re-imagined for the gallery in a new context.

Stefania Batoeva Digestion
Alex Chalmers Round the Ragged Rock the Ragged Rascal Ran Part 1
Mary Hurrell Untitled 2011
Matthew Mcquillan Sleeping Men
Nicholas Mortimer Untitled, Repair Series (in collaboration with Pavilion)
David Snoo WIlson Last Orders at the George
Charlie Yetton Stage Weight
Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.