Studio Truco is a project that aims to further Pavilion’s interdisciplinary manifesto which considers the art object as prop, furniture as sculpture and event as architecture. Studio Truco will be a multilayered project that will further our research into event as mediator between art and architecture through the exploration of Lanzarote by making and screening art films. Studio Truco will be an open studio that will be built in several stages, operating as a space to make and develop work; an event space to display the work, and a place for tourists and locals to meet.
The Island of Lanzarote, with its UNESCO biosphere heritage and in its contemporary condition of touristic destination offers us a complex frame in which to develop our focus on site immersive work. The project will draw on the specific political, geographic and social conditions of Lanzarote to create new film works that will treat the Island as a cinematic character. Studio Truco will host screening events enabling the gathering of local people, tourists and artists in a new type of event space for art.

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.